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10,646,610 – ODOR TREATMENT DISPENSER – designed by Michael Thaler for a client – all rights assigned to the client – This is a battery powered motor & lead screw device which when activated by a PIR (motion sensor) deliverers a measured quantity of an aerosol to a defined area

Image Communications

4,476,496 – The multi-function copier, scanner, printer, fax.

4,631,432 – The linear motor a motor which moves in a straight line (not rotating) thus eliminating the Need for belt or lead screws to convert a motor’s rotation into linear motion to drive a printer.

4,609,946 – Voice and data sharing the same phone line at the same time thus allowing you to both talk and fax simultaneously on the same phone call – now the phone company has this – It is called ISDN.

Pitney Bowes

4,328,566 – A dynamic RAM memory refresh device to eliminate time wasted by the Intel 8085 doing Refresh cycles.

Scan Optics

4,120.049 – A unique computer memory system  which reconfigures data at tremendous speeds.

4,122,443 – A circuit in the above memory which locates a character (the image of a printed letter on a Page that was scanned) in memory at great speed thus saving the computer that task and greatly speeding up the OCR machine.